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Tips for use Prickly pear seed oil

Facial care: use the pipette and apply a few drops to face, neck and décolleté every evening on clean skin. Gently massage in upward circular motions.

Hair Treatment: Apply 10 drops all over your hair, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes (30 minutes to an hour for dry hair) then wash your hair. Revital Seed Oil will bring flexibility and shine to your hair.

Nail Care: Apply one drop to each nail in circular motions, our miraculous oil will treat weak nails and you'll get strong, smooth nails.

Its high price is due to the low oil content of these seeds (<5%): it takes very large quantities of prickly pears to obtain a small bottle of oil: It thus takes about 1000 kg of figs of barbarism to have 30-50 Kg of Seeds in order to extract just one liter of Pure oil!

Warning: Not to be confused with oily prickly pear macerate, less expensive but also less active.

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Yes, our Sarahbio oil is 100% pure certified organic by Ecocert SA.

Hello Madam, In fact there is no difference, some call them seeds, some call them pips. But we are talking about the same thing. it is the oil obtained by pressing the tiny pips found inside the fruit. (it takes a ton of fruit to get a liter of oil) On the other hand, be careful not to confuse it with prickly pear oil, which is extracted from the prickly pear flower, and which has no not the same anti-aging properties at all, nor the same price for that matter. I hope I have answered your question, if you have any others don't hesitate, we are here for that. Sarahbio Let's Stay Organic!

Hello Madam, This is a 100% pure and certified 100% ORGANIC prickly pear seed oil. Hoping to have answered your question. Do not hesitate if you have another one, we are here for that. Sarahbio™ Let's stay ORGANIC! .

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Prickly Pear Seed vegetable oil is more than recognized for its anti-aging benefits. It is the oil of excellence in this case because it is the richest in vitamin E and sterols. These are compounds with major anti-oxidant properties. Prickly pear seed oil will therefore be an oil to have on hand in case of wrinkles, but also to prevent their appearance. This oil can therefore be used on the face but also on the body, for example to firm the skin of the arms, chest, neck or to avoid stretch marks.

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You can store our oils for up to 30 months after opening and our and Rose Water for 6 months after opening You

Sara Bio prickly pear seed oil is extracted only from prickly pear seeds (Opuntia ficus indica seed oil) 100% Pure.

kour prickly pear seed oil is a dry oil, it penetrates

the skin very quickly and does not leave a greasy film on the face.